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help with programming erotic game!

2011-08-21 19:52:21 by MEGAERATO

New alias for posting adult and erotic work only. Gotta lot of content to organize into interactive games/viewer. Any actionscript peeps out there wanna help out in a collab? I'll provide the art!

Let me know if you guys have some kinky requests for illustration or simple looping animation. always up for ideas!!


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2011-08-29 05:20:00

I got characters and story's waiting to be released on anime flash, toon flashes and games. Will you really help me?
the studio names are Naughty Ninja a.k.a 9:30Studios.

(Updated ) MEGAERATO responds:

I'm not offering my services as an animator to animate others ideas, I am simply requesting programming assistance for my own ideas.... mainly erotic games.


2011-08-31 16:59:03

I've always been interested in creating an adult themed game but could never find anybody to work with.

The little flash loop you did was pretty neat, so I thought I'd give ya a buzz to see if you wanted to work together.

MEGAERATO responds:

Absolutely, what are the skills you bring? programming??


2011-09-01 22:51:57

Indeed I bring programming. Obviously, just like you this, is an alternate alias to work on these types of things, but I'm sure I can handle whatever you throw at me.

PM me with a response, it's kind of a hassle to navigate to this page to check comments.

Looking forward to working with you.


2011-09-16 17:54:34

Im good with DRAWING porn.. can I help?


2012-09-17 15:42:18

No flash games or movies? :c